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We provide smart IoT energy meters that transform society and business through energy conservation and optimization.

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We create and provide a research ecosystem and develop products and processes that will help transform society.

Reduce the electricity bill for every citizen for energy conservation to save the globe for future generations. Save millions of rupees for the nation.

Delving has provided its customers with nothing short of the best in terms of quality products and complex services, with a dedicated team with a strong foundation in hardware and software.

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The DelSmart can measure all three-phase electrical parameters and calculate the capacitor values ​​required to improve the power factor. 1 and 2 levels for monitoring individual machines and pumps, and 3–8 levels for monitoring entire industries, power plants, and commercial buildings. It also has alarm and trigger controls. The time becomes valid. Six capacitors and two MD controls are enabled.

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DelSmart Power Factor Correction

By maintaining a power factor above 0.95, the DelSmart Power Factor Correction system helps to optimize the efficiency of the electrical system. This can result in several benefits, including reduced energy losses, improved voltage regulation, increased capacity of the electrical system, and lower electricity bills (due to reduced reactive power charges imposed by utilities).

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Dedicated Software for Online Monitoring

The software provides real-time monitoring of power factor, voltage, current, and other relevant parameters of the electrical system. It displays this information in an easy-to-understand dashboard format.

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Fault Detection

To monitor fault detection such as overcompensation, undercompensation, overvoltage, overcurrent, and undervoltage in an DelSmart Power Factor Correction (DelSmart IoT) system, specialized software with comprehensive monitoring and alerting capabilities is essential.

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Maximum Demand Controller

To implement maximum demand notifications and SMS alerts in an DelSmart Power Factor Correction (DelSmart IoT) system, you would need a monitoring and alerting system with the capability to track maximum demand levels and send notifications via SMS when certain thresholds are exceeded

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We're Best in IoT Industry with 8 Years of Experience

We experience in the IoT industry enables you to develop innovative and tailored solutions that address the unique needs and challenges of your clients. Whether it's industrial automation systems Our team has the skills to bring innovative ideas to life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It will be provided according to your requirements and depends on Load at the installation point. After load Analysis at your end, we will give you the quote.

Yes of course, We will analyze the load at the installation point with the corresponding service charges.

It is depending on the machine’s condition. For good condition of 3 HP machine, 1 KVAR is required. For this, we will install our meter initially we will calculate the number of KVAR required for the machine and we will install the same.

It will save 5-7% when installing the Del-Smart DRCU at load point

It can measure the Electrical parameters at Class 1 accuracy at ± 20% of rated value.

We have two options, one for Outdoor and one for Indoor. The outdoor meter is water resistance.

  • 1st Year Warranty Cover from installation date.
  • From 2nd Year onwards AMC will be charged for maintenance (Spare cost will be extra based on market price)

Customer requirements will be feed into the software as rated value and if measured values exceeds the rated value it will sent a warning SMS to the concern person/alarm and if required by the customer it will cut-off the power supply of the machine.

What Say Our Clients!

Clients may praise Delving Research and Development for its ability to deliver innovative and cutting-edge solutions that address their unique needs and challenges. They may appreciate the creativity and ingenuity demonstrated by your team in developing IoT products and services.

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